Our First Lean Coffee

Announcing    Our First Lean coffee of PR

September, 16, 2015

For more information log and confirm your attendance at http://meetup.com/AgilePR/ 


  1. We use the Kanban model for the meeting (pre-made wall):

(A Dialogar/ Dialogando / Dialogar)

  1. We determine topics for discussion (participants suggest what the want to talk, in the first one we suggest some themes)
  2. We vote and we discussed (7mnt each topic, we vote if you want to continue talking another 3 mnts more until we pass to the other subject or theme)
  3. At the end of the meeting the rest of the issues remain in the To Discuss for the next meeting

 What should you bring?

  • 1 post-it (sticky notes)
  • A pen or pencil

We hope …

Remember to Participate and collaborated – All information is relevant and we are all colleague that want to help each other (community).

You could suggest topics. Example; How do I implement this? How can I use “X” thing? Will you have a simple example to apply this concept?, I got an example to discuss that maybe the group bring more information?


For detailed information you can access http://leancoffee.org/

About Ileanna

A person that try to learn everything that can, knowing that not anyone want to share, but those that want to share I tried to share back with them. https://pr.linkedin.com/in/imlopez
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