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We are a friendly  Agile Community from Puerto Rico that start with one person with the idea to “Meet and try to join force”. The effort was  so contagious that spread to  other few people that want to make possible the agile community and then we infect other people and we are growing.

But to be effective we want to start the Lean Coffee in Puerto Rico.

We want to try it, make adjustments, try it again (learn from our mistakes), make adjustment until everyone is talking the same way. This is space where all the colleagues,  from difference industry, share experience, solutions, opinions and ideas.

If you want to have more information of our meeting and what we are doing or fixing.

Please see our Meetup information below



Puerto Rico Agile Group

San Juan, PR

93 Members

Our mission is to raise awareness and acceptance in Puerto Rico of Agile practices such as Lean, Scrum, XP, and Kanban.
We welcome interested professionals including but not l…

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